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    Measuring both the Earth's diameter gives the 307 pixels, while the beam is 85 x 76 pixels.

    Next we divide 12,742 by 307.

    12742 / 307 = 41.5048859935

    So that's the diameter of the beam. Now I just square it.

    41.5048859935² = 1722.65556133, and now I have to multiply that by the diameter of the Earth.

    1722.65556133 x 12,742 = 21950077.1625, now I need the amount of cubic centimeters of rock that was vaporized.

    Converting 21950077.1625 km^3 into cm^3, I get 2.195008e+22 cm^3.

    Next I divide 2.195008e+22 by the amount of joules in one ton of TNT, which is 4,184,000,000.

    2.195008e+22 / 4,184,000,000 = 5.246195e+12, which is how many tons of TNT it is. The 'e+12' prefix is equal to ter…

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