In Super Metroid, after Samus defeats Mother Brain, planet Zebes is set for self-destruct and eventually explodes. The title of this article isn't entirely accurate as I'm more interested in the gravitational binding energy and just how much energy would be required for Zebes to no longer be in a gravitationally bound state. The equation to determine this is U = 3GM^2/5R where G is the gravitational constant, M is the planet's mass, and R is the planet's radius. While Retro Studios offered us information about the mass of Zebes, this has been considered a flub on Retro's part by the Metroid community. The reason is because by changing "trillion teratons" to "billion teratons", we end up with what's known as sextillion tons. Zebes' mass would be 4.8 sextillion tons, just like Earth's mass would be 5.9 sextillion tons. Zebes' diameter is 11,700 km., similarly to Earth's 12,747.175 km. diameter. Let's do the equation.

U = (3(6.674 * 10^-11 kg m/s^2 m^2/kg^2)(4.8 * 10^24 kg.)^2) / (5(5,850 km.))
U = 1.577 * 10^32 kg m^2/s^2, or 37.69 zettatons of TNT.

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