I decided I’d try to determine the increase in gravity from Nightmare. When Nightmare affects the gravity, one might assume that the gravity has been doubled, since the distance Samus jumps appears to be halved. This is an acceptable method and probably the safest method if we’re going to attempt to focus on remaining in the low-end. However, among the various methods I could have used, I decided I’d use Nightmare’s room by jumping off the top catwalk and see how long it’d take to fall with the assumption that the Bottle Ship has a gravitational acceleration equal to that of Earth’s.

I timed the duration of the drop three times and the third try offered the lowest amount of time. I was sure to use a short hop while going into the screw attack mode, since my original attempt of doing a normal short hop would not work under Nightmare’s increased gravity. So the time it took for Samus to fall to the ground was 3.336 seconds. Using the gravitational acceleration of 9.81 m/s^2 and the time of 3.336 seconds, I used the kinematic equation to determine the distance. The distance was 54.59 meters.

Under the extreme gravity, it only took Samus 1.404 seconds to drop to the bottom. Because we have the distance and the time, to figure out the gravity, I’d need to use g = 2h/t^2, which would be g = 2(54.59 m.)/(1.404 s)^2. This would result in 55.38 m/s^2, or roughly 5.65 times Earth’s gravity. In spite of this, what’s interesting is that Samus doesn’t slouch, meaning she’d be able to keep moving up to a certain point before being completely overpowered by the gravity. She’d be able to walk on planet Jupiter without the gravity suit quite comfortably if there was a surface to stand on.

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