This is the third time I have had to correct an error. Based on previous calculations, I decided I’d go a step further with what I found with regard to the tinbots in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. In my previous recalculation with regard to tinbots, I found the volume and thus, found the mass of a single tinbot, which is 2,532.86 kg. Using the heat of vaporization for tin, which is 296.1 kJ/mol, I was able to determine the amount of kJ/kg. using 296.1 kJ/mol * 1/118.710 mol, which is the atomic mass. I ended up with a result of 2,494 J, or 2,494 J/g. This is equal to 2.494 * 10^6 J/kg. With the mass of the tinbot, the total amount of energy to melt one would be 6.318 GJ, or 1.51 tons of TNT.

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