The Queen Metroid’s length is 11 m. [1], but from Val’s game blog, the queen’s length is 24.55 m. [2], so there’s some discrepancy. Vorash’s length is 29.18 m. Taking this length and dividing it by 24.55 m. means there was an increase of 4.63 m. Using this value and dividing it by 24.55 m. gives us a percentage increase of 189%. Multiplying this by the Queen Metroid’s actual length of 11 m. gives us 2.07 m., which means Vorash’s actual length should be 13.07 m. I said before that the length of a whale shark is 12.2 m. [3]. So I suppose a whale shark would have been a better choice after all. The question is, what is the mass of a whale shark?

The average mass of a whale shark is 18.69 metric tons. [3] This is equal to 18,688,005.6 g. In order to find the volume of an object, you need to divide it by its density. Water has a density of 1 g/cm^3, which means the volume is 18,688,005.6 cm^3. For andesitic magma, I used the low-end of 2.45 g/cm^3, which would be 45,785,613.72 g., or 45.79 metric tons. This is significantly lower than my last calculation, but even then, Samus is still physically strong. The mass could be greater, considering Vorash’s fins and the fact that he pulls in the opposite direction of Samus before she throws it into the air. Of course, if there was any increase in Samus’ physical strength, 50 metric tons would be the safest assumption.

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