• Volcatharsis

    Suggsverse is rather infamous due to it's power, writing, and origins. There have also been many things said about it that are accepted as fact. Here's a list of some of them, along with an explanation.

    Suggsverse was written when Lionel Suggs got upset about the fact that he lost an argument on the internet/was caught wanking a series.

    Lionel Suggs has been writing stories ever since he was a child(2003 to 2004), and the first story he wrote was called Prophecy, which inspired him to write another story, The Limits of Power. Heir to the Stars(better known as Suggsverse) was written in 2008 with the goal of recreating his stories, a year before the Getbackers Deception(2009), of which many state to be the time where he began to write Suggsve…

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