• X-men33

    Best feats of GT:

    Base Goku was stronger than Base Rildo whose power was much greater than Majin Buu:

    Starting with Kid Goku, his power was so great in Base form that not even Rildo could calculate his powers.  even for futuristic computers, who can likely calculate more digits then our computers which can what calculate millions and trillions of digits.  So it would be far above the trillions, quitillions, ect, But for Rildo it was IMPOSSIBLE!

    In the fight against Base Baby, He was sent to another dimension by Base Baby Death ball, his power was so great that it warped Goku into another dimension:

    He was sent to a dimension when you can't use Ki or else you will be stuck in that dimension for ever. The host cheats and the space is collapsing.…

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