Caracter Edit

Name: Valeera Sanguinar

Origin: Warcraft

Gender: Female

Classification: Blood Elf Rogue

Affilations: Varian Wrynn, the New Council of Tirisfal

Age: Early hundreds (Blood Elf Equivalent to early 20s

Powers and Abilities Edit

Battle Teleportation, Expert melee combatant both hand to hand and weilding her favoured daggers, knife throwing, natural magic affinity, Invisibility.

Weaknesses: magical addiction making her magic siphoning a very ill-used ability despite being possibly her most dangerous

Lifting Strength: Human

Striking Strength: Human

Speed: Slight Superhuman

Durability: Human

Destructive Capacity: Street level

Range: 30 yard range with battle teleportation and 100 yards with dagger throwing

Stamina: slight superhuman

FactPile Tier: Low Metahuman

Equipment Edit

Lather providing minor defence, extremely sharp long daggers usually coated in deadly poison

Notable Attacks/Techniques

Flurry of fast hard strikes with daggers, magic energy sapping (enhanceing her own abilities in the process of talking magical energy from their opponents)

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