Venom (Mack Gargan)

Name: Venom, MacDonald "Mac" Gargan

Origin: Marvel

Gender: male

Classification: Alien Symbiote and human host

Age: 40

FactPile Tier: mid superhuman

Powers and Abilities: superhuman strength, speedreactions, durability, stamina and agility, precognition, can stick to walls and climb vertical surfaces and ceilings, camouflage capabilities, regeneration (high-mid), does not trigger Spiderman's "spider-sense", immortality (Types 3 and 6), ability to create a scorpion like tail that shoots organic webbing and acid, unlimited organic webbing stronger than steel

Weaknesses: Powerful sonics and fire

Lifting Strength: Class70+

Striking Strength: Class M

Speed: Faster than the eye can see (200mph), bullet timer

Durability: City Block+ level (regeneration makes it very hard to kill)

Destructive Capacity: Building+ level

Range: Extended Melee range

Stamina: Can exert full capabilities for 24 hours without tiring

Equipment: Ven-orpion battle armor

Notable Attacks/Techniques: Has been known to try and eat opponents

FP Victories:

Wolverine, Daken, X-23, and Sabertooth (Marvel) - Wolverine Profile, Daken Profile, X-23 ProfileSabertooth Profile (Was teamed up with CarnageAnti-Venom and Toxin)

FP Defeats:

Dante (Devil May Cry) - Dante Profile

Inconclusive Matches:

Respect Thread(s):

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