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Summary Edit

Often cited as the most powerful weapon in the entire universe, Voltron is the combination of the Black, Blue, Red, Green and Yellow Lions. It is a towering mech, larger than mountains and castles.

Powers and Stats Edit

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Flight, Mastery over Swords and Guns

Attack Potency: Small Star level (Said to be the strongest weapon in the entire universe, by many sources, stronger than Emperor Zarkon, who conquered the entire universe. Far above the combined power of the five lions and was capable of overpowering a Robeast capable of destroying planets and multiple moons in a single blast. Individually the lions are superior to cannons which can destroy any planet)

Speed: FTL+ (Vastly swifter than the combined Five Lions, which could react to lasers). Likely Massively FTL+ flight speed (Faster than The Lions. The Blue Lion was able to fly to the edge of the solar system in 5 seconds. Each Lion was capable of flying to and from the edge of an alien solar system in less than a day)

Lifting Strength: Class P (Effortlessly tore apart ships of this size. Lifted "The Ark of Traujeer")

Striking Strength: Small Star Class

Durability: Small Star level (Endured hits from Drazil and Myzax, Robeast nearly on its level. Took hits from an alien that destroyed a moon just by awakening. Superior to the lions who can individually tank blasts that can destroy any planet)

Stamina: Infinite due to being a robot

Range: Likely several hundred kilometers (Scaling to the Red Lion, who shot a laser that cut a massive space station from far away)

Standard Equipment: The Sword of the Red Lion, which can pierce the hull of moon sized ships with ease. And the Cannon of the Yellow Lion, which can attack and destroy several objects at once. It also wields a shield, which was able to defend against a laser from a monster in "Rebirth"

Weaknesses: Can defuse if it takes too much damage, its pilots aren't very experienced

Note: This profile is dedicated to the 2016 series incarnation of Voltron.

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