The term "whipping boy" refers to a forum wide despised fictional character who is also put in many stomps against them and (in some cases) have lost more matches than they've won. Most of the time the cause of this are fanboys of the character in question who don't stop wanking them and argue for them against characters far out of their league and never admit defeat, which leads the character to be hated by most posters and put in several spite threads against them to bash said fanwankers. Otherwise stomps against them are made out of ignorance 10-15% of the time or because the stompee sucks. Typically more popular characters such as Master Chief, Dante and Sephiroth are victims of this

Examples of whipping boys:

Master Chief who has been thrown against several metahuman-herald+ level characters on a regular basis

Xena being thrown against Thor, Kharn and several characters out of her league, varying from high tier steet level to herald level

Link being fed to a Carnifex, Morgoth, Rand al'Thor and Kharn

Kratos being destroyed by the likes of Skarbrand and Spawn

Dante being eaten alive by Spawn, Wonder Woman, Lobo and Goku

Sephiroth being thrown into the slaughter against Sanguinius, Nightbringer, Alucard and Ghost Rider

Solid Snake being stomped by a Space Marine, Arthas and three Terminators

Rorschach and Harry Potter losing every single match they've ever been in

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