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The CharacterEdit

Name: Willard H. Wright, Will, "Wright of the Twenty Wedges", "Wizard-Hunting Wright", "Willard Holmes"

Origin: Umineko no Naku Koro ni

Gender: Male

Classification: Angel, Conceptual Being, Detective, Former first-class archbishop and Chief Inquisitor of SSVD

Age: Unknown, concept of time doesn't exists to him

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Immeasurable strength and speed
  • Levitation
  • Cosmic swordsmanship
  • Darkness attacks
  • He is a higher existence than those exist on the abstract metaphysical world of mind and concepts, from his perspective, lower multiverses (this includes countless higher worlds, 4D space, story beyond linear time, afterlife realms, pocket dimensions and the mirror worlds) are nothing more than a story records, which are visualized in the forms crystals
  • Conceptual manipulation and immunity (conceptual damage; physical and metaphysical concepts of lower including death, logic, fate, possibilities, impossibilities, nothingness, infinity, weight, distance and time are nothing to him; and weaker beings than him can survive the Red Key, the conceptual weapon which negates all kinds of concepts, from lower to higher worlds upon its mere presence)
  • Conceptual being (he's the embodiment of 20 Van Dine's Commandments; beings weaker than him totally ignores concept of death and nonexistence, can travel back and forward Sea of Nothingness, where nothing includes concepts and reality exist)
  • Regeneration and resurrection
  • Acausality and transcendence, likely time manipulation (powerscale from ANGE-Beatrice)
  • Teleportation, cross-dimensional and megaversal/multiversal travel
  • Nonhuman and cosmic senses
  • Genius Level Intellect
  • Excellent detective skills


Weaknesses: None

Lifting Strength: Megaversal+ (can easily holds Meta-Lion, who is a being that is far larger than countless of higher-dimensional Fragments in one hand)

Striking Strength: Megaversal+ (a single swing of him blow away thousands of Bern's kitties)

Intelligence: Genius level

Speed: Infinite/Immeasurable

Durability: Megaversal level+ (lost his right arm in a short fight Bernkastel and even defeated 10 quadrillion of Bern's kitties, only implied to be directly killed and threw into the Sea of Nothingess by Bernkastel, that doesn't even makes him faze in a slightest)

Destructive Capacity: Megaversal level+ (fought against large groups of Theory Goats, each is a Fragment from the future Catbox of EVA-Beatrice, also defeated 10 quadrillion of Bern's kitties, each is like a star on the EP7 Catbox's "Sea of Fragment", which is an infinite larger Catbox than Beato's territory)

Range: Megaversal+

Stamina: Endless, only mental stamina makes sense to beings of the higher world

Respect Thread (partially complete) Edit

Umineko Respect Thread (Cosmology)

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