Xeelee omnibus


Name: Xeelee

Origin: Xeelee Sequence

Classification: Alien civilization

Age: Existed after the first few moments of the big bang, their universal time loop makes their age infinite

Population: Unknown, potentially infinite due to temporal manipulation

K-Level: 4

Technologies/Abilities: Universe spanning, instantaneous FTL travel, time travel to any point in the universe, temporal duplication of their technologies, their race exists in a time loop that resets at the end of the universe and goes back to the beginning rinse and repeat, time manipulation, use molded timespace as a building material (known as Xeelee construction material, or XCM for future reference, a molecule thin layer can tank a hypernova with 0 damage), perfect energy to matter manipulation by the way of the Xeelee Flower, an XCM device that converts energy hitting it into matter to allow it to grow, starbreakers, gravity based weapons that have no recoil due to anchoring themselves in time and space that can destroy even XCM, starbusting handheld weapons, near perfectly efficient computing via using the central black holes of galaxies, capable of moving massive cosmic strings to destroy or mold entire galaxies, have used entire galaxies as contruction material for the Ring (a portal to other universes), can create and manipulate dimensions and trap other beings in them. The Anit-Xeelee which initates and maintains the time loop, exists as an incorporeal quantum conciousness and can transform others into similar conciousnesses, instantaneous FTL communications

Weaknesses: Cannot reliably travel to other universes without use of the Ring. XCM can be damaged by black holes and magnetic monopoles. Starbreaker beams will be deflected by gravity

Industrial Capacity: Ridiculously massive. Capable of deconstructing millions of galaxies and using them as material to build the Ring, ignoring the efforts of the Photino Birds to destroy it. They enveloped all the stars in the Local Group with XCM in under 100,000 years as a minor project to deal with humanity. Temporal manipulation allows them to replicate their tech

Holdings/Territory: Basically the entire universe, although they were driven out of the Milky Way Galaxy by humanity temporarily, but retook it anyways

Notable Individuals:

FP Victories:

Stargate-verse (Stargate)

The Culture (The Culture)

FP Defeats:

Time Lords (Dr Who)

Inconclusive Matches:


Respect Thread(s):

Xeelee Respect Thread

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