Name: Xemnas, The Superior in Between

Origin: Kingdom Hearts

Gender: Male

Species: Nobody of Master Xehanort and Terra

Affilation: Organization XIII

Age: Unknown, no older than 10 but is physiologically a fully grown man

FactPile Tier: Mid Herald

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman strength, speed, durability, reactions, agility and stamina, flight, illusions, teleportation, nothingness manipulation, create barriers, energy projection, intangiability, wind, fireballs, light and darkness manipulation, can create a clone of himself, reality warping, can steal hearts (Minor Soul Manipulation), spatial manipulation, time manipulation, transmutation, gravity manipulation

Weaknesses: None notable

Lifting Strength: Unknown, should reach Class Y with telekinesis

Striking Strength: At least Class XKJ | Class XKJ+ (Traded blows with Sora and Riku)

Speed: At least Transluminal (Faster than Monstro who outpaced the Highwind in KH1) | FTL+ (Spends a good portion of the fight trying to speed blitz Sora and Riku and nearly succeeding)

Durability: At least Large Planet Level | Large Planet Level+

Destructive Capacity: At least Large Planet Level (Superior to Hades and the Titans, who should be comparable to a casual Zeus), Large Planet Level+ as Twilight Xemnas (United with a broken Kingdom Hearts, which is capable of restoring hundreds of worlds)

Range: Several hundred thousand kilometers with telekinesis (Likely higher), thousands of kilometers with magic, several dozen meters with thorns, a few meters with his blades

Stamina: Superhuman

Equipment: Ethereal Blades

Key: Base | Twilight Xemnas

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

-taken from OBD wiki-

- Guard: Xemnas can create a large, rectangular energy shield in front of him that can block attacks and damages the enemy if the come into contact with it.

- Invitation to Nothingness: Xemnas ensnares his opponent in a sphere of dark energy that slowly drains their life force.

- Ethereal Blade barrage: Xemnas surrounds his opponent in a dome of Ethereal Blades, then fires them rapidly at them.

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