Yuuzhan Vong

Name: Yuuzhan Vong

Origin: Star Wars

Classification: Biological alien race

Age: Unknown

Population: Easily in the quadrillions, possibly far higher

K-Level: 3 or slightly less

Technologies/Abilities: FTL communications, expert genetic engineering abilities, FTL starships, gravity manipulation (capable of creating pseudo black holes and arificial gravity wells), energy projection (island to continent+ level dependant on the ship), super durable skin, have no presence in the Force, plagues that can ravage entire planets and render them lifeless

Weaknesses: Nothing notable

Industrial Capacity: Very high, biots are capable of mass producing massive bioships that dwarf Star Dreadnoughts, capable of matching the production rate of Incom Corporation

Holdings/Territory: Once ruled their own galaxy, temporarliy had several planets in the Star Wars Galaxy

Notable Individuals:


Nas Choka

Nom Anor

Quoreal Shimrra Jamaane

Tsavong Lah


Yoog Skell

FP Victories:

Flood (Halo) - Flood Profile

Reapers (Mass Effect)

Zerg (StarCraft) - Zerg Profile

FP Defeats:

Tyranids (Warhammer 40K) - Tyranids Profile

Inconclusive Matches:


Respect Thread(s):

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